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The SlideOScope™ is a new visual paradigm that breathes life into static images. It often shows images of people, places, or things but can also be abstract.
On the outside, the SlideOScope looks like a kaleidoscope but works differently on the inside: you hold the SlideOScope in your hands while looking with both eyes into its "mouth" and sliding apart its two telescoping cylinders like an old fashioned spy glass. The pre-distorted pictures reflect off a conic mirror within the Tube into the viewer's eyes. The reflected image constantly changes as the viewer moves the Tube with its images past the mirror. At certain points, each picture becomes completely undistorted and looks like a normal photograph.
SlideOScopes make great gifts for special occasions, showing images of special memories or events. Some common ones include: images of a family vacation, a favorite sporting activity, nature images, family portraits, wedding party thank-you-gifts, family reunions, retirement and anniversary gifts, promotional events, museum post cards, sports memorabilia, old photographs and nostalgia, families of military personel deployed overseas.
By placing the images in a particular order, the SlideOScope can tell a story or show the passage of time. The SlideOScope is also great for holding games, puzzles, and even coloring books. It's "Retro" design adds charm to any living space.
The SlideOScope uses five pictures that have been pre-distorted and printed together on standard-sized paper (8 1/2 x 11 inch or A4). This printed "insert" goes inside an interchangeable "Tube" that moves in and out of the SlideOScope. You can either print these inserts for yourself or order a printed insert from us. By replacing a Tube insert with a different one in the SlideOScope, you can view many sets of pictures.
The SlideOScope can also display text. This leads to a new realm of possibilites that include marriage proposals and restaurant menus. It can also include the passages of a poem or lyrics of a song.
The SlideOScope can show abstract images that are similar to traditional kaleidoscopes. For example, children can make abstract drawings that are as simple as scribbling with crayons on a piece of paper. When inserted into the SlideOScope Tube, these simple scribbles turn into works of abstract art that interact with the viewer in surprising ways!
The SlideOScope optics set up a unique interaction with the your brain that tricks your visual cortex into thinking that something is really there! This effect creates an enhanced reality that makes otherwise flat static pictures take on a physical presence. If the pictures are memorable then the SlideOScope turns these memories into a tangible experience in which you are an active participant.​
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