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Senior-level Research Scientist with a proven history in developing innovative, award-winning software and instrumentation. Extensive experience in designing and implementing cutting edge product development and managing full production lifecycle. Engaging public speaker with extensive experience as a guest lecturer in academic and scientific settings. Conversational in German with solid communication, relationship building, and negotiation skills. Collaborative leader who thrives in start-up environments.


  • Created, developed, and licensed Optica modeling and analysis software ( which

    is used by numerous businesses and academic institutions for optical applications. Notable customers include Lawrence Livermore, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Harvard University, University of Oxford, Microsoft Corporation, Canon USA, Inc., Intel Corporation, and Sony Corporation.

  • Designed and developed multiple optical subsystems used in Sony Biotechnology’s flow cytometers, combining advanced optical, electronic, and signal processing hardware technologies at a retail price of over $1M per unit.

  • Gained recognition as a founder of the holographic velocimetry discipline and a world leader in holographic meteorology work through demonstrating the world’s first successful holographic instrument to measure 3D velocity fields in fluids. This accomplishment resulted in a patent and was featured in Applied Optics journal.

  • Employed HPC (High Performance Computing) on the cloud to solve a modeling problem in 14 days that would have required 3 years to run on a single computer.

  • Solved key optical problem in development of Augmented Reality Solutions.

  • 24 publications and 350 citations.



Areas of Expertise

  • Optical Modeling: Extensive experience in optical modeling, simulation, and systems design including flow cytometry, colorimetry, spectroscopy, holographic imaging, and experimental design. Deep understanding of particle/biological cell scattering, particle-field measurement, head-worn displays, opthalmic systems, velocity field mapping, and shape measurement.

  • Software & Hardware: Expert in developing optical and mechanical software and hardware systems including concept, drawings, optimizing design, testing prototypes, manufacturing, and validation.

  • Data Analysis: Expert in data handling and analysis in scientific and high-performance computing environments. Efficiently troubleshoot systems and instruments and offer appropriate solutions.

  • Project Management: Technical project manager with significant experience leading development, 
 implementation, and launch of new products. Ability to manage cross-functional teams of 
 engineers, technicians, manufacturing, and sales personnel.

  • Communication: Track record of forging consensus among diverse multilevel, cross-functional, 

    and multicultural groups. Skilled in building positive relationships with clients and vendors. Proficient in presenting technical material in a comprehensible format.

  • Computer Generated Holograms: Developed algorithms and produced computer generated holograms and holographic optical elements containing over 100 billion pixels of information.

  • Head Worn Displays: Three years of experience developing head worn displays.

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